WITH THE RECENT EXPLOSION OF MOBILE APPLICATIONS and app stores, there has never been a better time for developers to begin creating content for Flash-enabled mobile devices. With many of the leading device manufacturers supporting Flash Lite, there are lots of opportunities for existing Flash developers to get their content into the hands of mobile consumers. The wide consumer reach of Flash-enabled devices is what also makes Flash Lite a very attractive route for both new and experienced application developers to begin developing mobile content.

Professional Flash Lite Mobile Development covers a variety of advanced topics for developing Flash mobile content, with the core focus on developing applications.

This book gives extensive code examples detailing how to create several Flash Lite mobile applications from the ground up utilizing Web service APIs, images, video, and audio. The book has great appeal for anybody wanting to monetize and showcase their mobile content on a global scale.


Programmers and developers of all experiences will be able to use the book as a reference on how to build content for mobiles and devices using Adobe Flash Lite, from concept to completion.

This book is aimed primarily at mobile developers looking to create and distribute new Flash mobile applications using Flash Lite.

This book is also designed to help newcomers and experienced mobile developers in Flash and other platforms get the most out of Flash Lite, and also ...

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