Chapter 3. Building and Installing VanillaApp


  • Creating your first Android app

  • Creating your first iOS app

  • Responding to basic touch events

  • Installing the app onto your device

Okay, enough with the intros, it's time to build your first mobile application. This chapter walks you through the start-to-finish process of building a basic HelloWorld-style application using Flash CS5 for both Android and iOS. To avoid the typical naming cliché, I'm naming this simple little app VanillaApp. It displays an image that the user can pan and zoom.

I walk you through the process of building and installing the app for both Android and iOS devices in separate sections. Follow along on the mobile OS you are most interested in. If you plan on creating both, be sure to create separate projects to avoid confusion.


The actual workings of the Android application are minimal, but this chapter shows you all the steps required to create and install an Android app using Flash CS5.

To create VanillaApp, you perform the following steps:

  1. Create a project.

  2. Create an .fla file.

  3. Create an ActionScript document class.

  4. Write the application code.

  5. Add a splash screen.

  6. Create the application icons.

  7. Define the Android settings.

  8. Publish the file.

  9. Install the app on an Android.

Before you begin, I recommend changing the Flash CS5 workspace to Developer by selecting Developer from the Workspace toolbar.

Creating a Project

Begin by creating a new Flash project. Working within a project is not essential, ...

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