Chapter 14. Submitting Your App to the App Store


  • Preparing your Android app

  • Submitting to the Android Market

  • Getting iOS Credentials

  • Submitting to the Apple App Store

You've designed and programmed your app, as well as tested and debugged it. You've got an .apk or .ipa that you've signed with your digital certificate. Now, you're ready to distribute your app to others.

Maybe you've got a great app that will make you the next Bill Gates. Or maybe you just put together an app you want to share with a few people who have interests similar to yours. Whatever the case, your last step is to publish your app to the Android Market or Apple App Store.


Before you submit your app to the Android Market or distribute it on the Web, keep the following requirements in mind:

  • Make sure that you have the following items in your app descriptor XML file: <android:versionCode> and an <android:versionName> attribute in the <manifest> element of its manifest. The server uses <android:versionCode> as the basis for identifying the application internally and handling updates, and it displays <android:versionName> to users as the application's version.

  • Your application must define both an android:icon and an android:label attribute in the <application> element of its manifest.

Getting a Screenshot

When you submit your app to the Android Market, you're asked to present screenshots. The easiest way to get a screenshot is to do the following:

  1. Connect your Android device ...

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