THE WORLD IS NO LONGER FLAT for Flash developers. While Flash may have originated for running inside the browser, there are now many more dimensions on which to deploy Flash-based applications. The desktop came first with the Adobe AIR runtime environment. The mobile world follows, with Adobe providing solutions for most (though not all) mobile devices you can think of, starting with Android and iOS.

In this book, I explore all aspects of developing mobile applications using Flash CS5 and Flash Builder for Android and iOS apps. You'll discover how to build an app, and install, and debug it on your mobile device. I then walk you through each key topic related to mobile Flash app development, including multitouch events, motion sensor, accelerometer, GPS, mobile services integration, and persistent data storage. Finally, because a mobile device has far less processing power than the desktop does, you learn how to optimize your app to provide the level of performance your users will expand and demand.


This book is aimed primarily for Flash and ActionScript 3 (AS3) developers experienced in Flash/AS3 development who want to move that base of knowledge to the Android OS or iOS platforms. You may be creating completely new applications or migrating existing web or desktop AIR apps to run on Android or iOS. In general, readers should have a working knowledge of the Flash authoring environment or Flash Builder as well as AS3.


This book ...

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