AS IPHONES AND IPADS BECOME A UBIQUITOUS part of your personal and professional life, you become more and more dependent on their capability to seamlessly and flawlessly interact with hosts across the Internet or with other phones across the room. This book provides a compilation of methods to accomplish this level of connectivity with examples and best practices for each of these methods.

The release of the iPhone SDK, now known as iOS, started a stampede of experienced and novice developers rushing to develop apps for the iPhone. In this rush, many books have been written about how to develop for the iPhone. Most of these books have focused on developing user interfaces. This book does not follow that well-worn path. The sole focus of this book is the methods and best practices for connecting your iOS app to other systems; either network hosts or other mobile devices. If you have invested time and energy in learning the iOS development environment and are now looking for a way to build enterprise grade applications rooted in proved design patterns, then this book is for you.

For the past 15 years, website development has reigned supreme in enterprise IT departments. As the collective expertise with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript has increased, the collective expertise in interconnecting smart devices has decreased. As the development of mobile software has exploded over the past four years, the development community, both the experienced and the novice developers, have ...

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