Chapter 13. Working with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Igor Macori

Mike Talley

In the previous chapter we took a look at the K2 blackpearl features that integrate with SharePoint through the browser, such as the administration pages, the K2 Web Designer for SharePoint, the K2 Worklist Web part, as well as the SmartObject integration. In this chapter we'll turn our attention to the K2 SharePoint integration at design time through the SharePoint wizards available in the other K2 Designers, including what you can do with them and some tips on getting the most out of the K2 SharePoint process and event wizards. We will also take a more careful consideration of the enterprise scenarios enabled by the K2 integration. This chapter covers the K2 blackpearl features you can use to create advanced workflows for SharePoint, including:

  • Process and SharePoint event integration

  • Controlling SharePoint content

  • Administering SharePoint

  • Enterprise Scenario: Web Content Management

  • Enterprise Scenario: Using Search Results

  • Enterprise Scenario: Creating Content Management Rules Using the Records Center

  • Enterprise Scenario: Interacting with Business Applications and External Databases through the Business Data Catalog (BDC)

Using the K2 SharePoint Wizards

Let's take a step back and look at all of the SharePoint-related wizards offered with K2 blackpearl. Many of the wizards included in the K2 Designers are there for administrative purposes, such as creating sites, lists, and libraries, and for managing content. ...

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