4.3. Contributor Settings

SharePoint Designer provides a great deal of customizing power to its users. In some environments, particularly in an enterprise, it may not be appropriate to give all users access to this level of power. To address this, SharePoint Designer allows you to configure different levels of Contributor Settings. These settings allow or prevent access to certain features by users of SharePoint Designer, based upon permission levels defined by the owner of the site.

Contributor Settings are applied at the individual site level. They are not inherited by child sites.

From the Site Menu, select Contributor Settings to display the Contributor Settings dialog, shown in Figure 4-9. This display is available only to site owners/administrators, and allows them to manage the settings for other users of the site.

Figure 4-9. Figure 4-9

If Contributor Settings are enabled on a site and a nonadministrative user opens the site in SharePoint Designer, that user will get a limited view of the elements in the site, as appropriate, based on his or her settings. This view, as shown in Figure 4-10, may not have such features as the Web Site view in the workspace.

Figure 4-10. Figure 4-10

Notice that the SharePoint Designer title bar shows "Contributor Mode" (1). The status ...

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