10.2. List View Control Menu

Rather than use the web-based properties dialog for modifying the data shown by a List View, SharePoint Designer offers a much richer user interface. When you select a List View Web Part, an icon appears in its upper-left corner. This icon summons the List View control menu, as shown for an Announcements Web Part in Figure 10-4.

Figure 10-4. Figure 10-4

The first four options in this menu — Fields, Change Layout, Sort and Group, and Filter — give access to most of the controls provided by the SharePoint interface when you use the Edit the Current View link; they are displayed in one page. In SharePoint Designer, each of the options has its own dialog appropriate to the task. These four List View control menu options are discussed in greater detail in the following sections.

Web Part Properties summons the same dialog shown earlier, in Figure 10-3. Web Part Zone Properties summons the dialog shown in Figure 10-5. Like Web Part Properties, this dialog is also available from the right-click context menu of the Web Part.

Figure 10-5. Figure 10-5

While most of the options in this dialog are self-explanatory, and apply to the zone itself, the Frame style dropdown applies to the Web Parts contained in the zone. This configures the default state of the chrome ...

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