8.1. Web Content Management in SharePoint

In the previous versions of SharePoint Server (SharePoint Portal Server 2001 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003), SharePoint technologies were focused on how to build a portal for the intranet and the extranet. A few brave companies had forayed into creating their public-facing Internet sites using the SharePoint server, but because SharePoint lacked web content management features, the server product was not considered the best solution for the Internet or even large intranets that required a robust content management solution.

Critical to the success of any web site — internal or external — is the content creation and management of its pages to keep the site content fresh and relevant. Of course, the content management process is not as simple as it may sound. You have to consider many aspects of the process. Who will have access to create new content and manage existing content? Does the content have to be approved by a person or a group of people before it becomes live on the site? What if some published content on a page needs to be rolled back to its previous version?

How will you restrict the look and feel and the layout of the type of pages that can be created on the site, to keep it consistent with the rest of the site?

Because of the complexity of the whole process, the publishing infrastructure usually falls into the laps of the folks in the IT department. To avoid letting IT become the bottleneck for all content creation and ...

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