18.5. Developing and Executing a Backup Plan

SQL Server 2008 provides two methods for planning and executing backups. You can use either the graphical interface of Management Studio or the T-SQL backup commands. This section covers both of these methods.

18.5.1. Using SQL Server 2008 Management Studio

SQL Server 2008 Management Studio (SSMS) exposes backup management capabilities for a DBA to either develop a scheduled maintenance plan or directly perform a backup. Before you start, decide the destination for the backup image. It can be a backup location such as a directory path with a file name or a separate backup device.

If you're using a backup device, first you need to create a logical device that defines where SQL Server will copy the backup image. From SQL Server 2008 Management Studio, select Server Objects Backup Devices New Backup Device. You'll see the dialog shown in Figure 18-2. There are two destination options:

  • Tape: Requires that a local tape drive be present on the database server.

  • File: Requires a valid disk destination.

Figure 18-2. Figure 18-2

I prefer not to use backup devices when backing up to disk, because the location is hard-coded. Instead, create unique ...

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