Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and Mobile Reports

Book description

Optimize reporting and BI with Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and Mobile Reports provides a comprehensive lesson in business intelligence (BI), operational reporting and Reporting Services architecture using a clear, concise tutorial approach. You'll learn effective report solution design based upon many years of experience with successful report solutions. Improve your own reports with advanced, best-practice design, usability, query design, and filtering techniques. Expert guidance provides insight into common report types and explains where each could be made more efficient, while providing step-by step instruction on Microsoft SQL Server 2016. All changes to the 2016 release are covered in detail, including improvements to the Visual Studio Report Designer (SQL Server Data Tools) and Report Builder, Mobile Dashboard Designer, the new Report Portal Interface, HTML-5 Rendering, Power BI integration, Custom Parameters Pane, and more.

The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 release will include significant changes. New functionality, new capabilities, re-tooled processes, and changing support require a considerable update to existing knowledge. Whether you're starting from scratch or simply upgrading, this book is an essential guide to report design and business intelligence solutions.

  • Understand BI fundamentals and Reporting Services architecture
  • Learn the ingredients to a successful report design
  • Get up to speed on Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Grasp the purpose behind common designs to optimize your reporting

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services makes reporting faster, easier, and more powerful than ever in web, desktop and portal solutions. Compatibility with an extensive variety of data sources makes it a go-to solution for organizations across the globe. The 2016 release brings some of the biggest changes in years, and the full depth and breadth of these changes can create a serious snag in your workflow. For a clear tutorial geared toward the working professional, Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and Mobile Reports is the ideal guide for getting up to speed and producing successful reports.  

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Introduction
    1. Who This Book Is For
    2. What This Book Covers
    3. What You Need to Use This Book
    4. Conventions
    5. Sample Reports and Projects
    6. Errata
    7. P2P.WROX.COM
  4. Part I: Getting Started
    1. Chapter 1: Introducing Reporting Services
      1. Who Uses Reporting Services?
      2. Dashboards, Reports, and Applications
      3. Report Tool Choices
      4. Optimizing Performance
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter 2: What's New in SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services?
      1. Report Builder and Designer Enhancements
      2. Modern Browser Rendering
      3. Parameter Layout Control
      4. Updated RDL Specification
      5. Mobile Reports
      6. KPIs
      7. Native Printing Control
      8. PowerPoint Rendering
      9. Integrated and Improved Web Portal
      10. New Charts and Visual Enhancements
      11. Standardized, Modern Browser Rendering
      12. Power BI Dashboard Pinning
      13. Summary
    3. Chapter 3: Reporting Services Installation and Architecture
      1. What's Changed in SQL Server 2016?
      2. The Basic Installation
      3. The Enterprise Deployment
      4. The Reporting Life Cycle
      5. Reporting Services Tools
      6. Reporting Services Windows Service
      7. Reporting Services Processors and Extensions
      8. Reporting Services Application Databases
      9. Summary
  5. Part II: Basic Report Design
    1. Chapter 4: Report Layout and Formatting
      1. Using Report Design Tools
      2. Understanding Report Data Building Blocks
      3. Samples and Exercises
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 5: Data Access and Query Basics
      1. Database Essentials
      2. Data Source Management
      3. Datasets and Fields
      4. Summary
    3. Chapter 6: Grouping and Totals
      1. SQL Server Data Tools
      2. Report Groups
      3. Exercise
      4. Summary
  6. Part III: Advanced and Analytic Reporting
    1. Chapter 7: Advanced Report Design
      1. Pagination and Flow Control
      2. Headers and Footers
      3. Composite Reports and Embedded Content
      4. Unlocking the Textbox
      5. Designing Master/Detail Reports
      6. Designing Subreports
      7. Navigating Reports
      8. Exercises
      9. Summary
    2. Chapter 8: Graphical Report Design
      1. Visual Design Principles
      2. Chart Types
      3. Exercises
      4. Summary
    3. Chapter 9: Advanced Queries and Parameters
      1. T-SQL Queries and Parameters
      2. MDX Queries and Parameters
      3. Summary
    4. Chapter 10: Reporting With Analysis Services
      1. Analysis Services for Reporting
      2. Using Reporting Services with Analysis Services Data
      3. Working with Multidimensional Expression Language
      4. Adding Nonadditive Measures
      5. Mdx Properties and Cube Formatting
      6. Drill-Through Reports
      7. Best Practices and Provisions
      8. Summary
    5. Chapter 11: SSAS Reporting Advanced Techniques
      1. Building A Dynamic Cube Browser with SSRS
      2. Cube Dynamic Rows
      3. Cube Dynamic Rows Expanded
      4. Cube Restricting Rows
      5. Cube Metadata
      6. Cube Browser
      7. Summary
    6. Chapter 12: Expressions and Actions
      1. Basic Expressions Recap
      2. Using the Expression Builder
      3. Calculated Fields
      4. Conditional Expressions
      5. The IIF() Function
      6. Using Custom Code
      7. Reporting on Recursive Relationships
      8. Actions and Report Navigation
      9. Summary
  7. Part IV: Solution Patterns
    1. Chapter 13: Report Projects and Consolidation
      1. SSDT Solutions and Projects
      2. Version Control
      3. Synchronizing Content
      4. Managing Server Content
      5. Report Builder and Self-Service Reporting Strategies
      6. Report Builder and Semantic Model History
      7. Planning A Self-Service Reporting Environment
      8. User Report Migration Strategies
      9. Summary
    2. Chapter 14: Report Solutions, Patterns, and Recipes
      1. Super Reports
      2. Report Recipes: Building on Basic Skills
      3. Summary
  8. Part V: Reporting Services Custom Programming
    1. Chapter 15: Integrating Reports into Custom Applications
      1. URL Access
      2. Programmatic Rendering
      3. Using the Reportviewer Control
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 16: Extending Reporting Services
      1. Extension Through Interfaces
      2. Creating a Custom Data Processing Extension
      3. Summary
  9. Part VI: Mobile Report Solutions
    1. Chapter 17: Introducing Reporting Services Mobile Reports
      1. The Mobile Report Experience and Business Case
      2. Connection and Dataset Design Basics
      3. Introducing Mobile Report Publisher
      4. Visual Control Categories
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter 18: Implementing a Mobile Report with Design-First Development
      1. Design-First Mobile Report Development Exercise
      2. Summary
    3. Chapter 19: Mobile Report Design Patterns
      1. Key Performance Indicators
      2. The Thing About KPIs
      3. Creating a Time-Series Mobile Report
      4. Summary
    4. Chapter 20: Advanced Mobile Report Solutions
      1. Designing a Chart Data Grid Mobile Report
      2. Exercise: Adding a Drill-Through Mobile Report
      3. Exercise: Adding a Drill-Through Paginated Report
      4. Summary
  10. Part VII: Administering Reporting Services
    1. Chapter 21: Content Management
      1. Using Web Portal
      2. Content Management Activities
      3. Site and Content Security
      4. Site Branding
      5. Content Management Automation
      6. Summary
    2. Chapter 22: Server Administration
      1. Security
      2. Backup and Recovery
      3. Monitoring
      4. Configuration
      5. Summary
  11. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and Mobile Reports
  • Author(s): Paul Turley, Riccardo Muti, Christopher Finlan
  • Release date: February 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wrox
  • ISBN: 9781119258353