FOURTEEN YEARS! I had to say that out loud just to make sure it was right… yes; fourteen years. That is how long it has been since I began using Reporting Services to create reports and reporting solutions.

Consulting clients, conference attendees, and students often ask which of all the BI or reporting tools they should use for their business reporting needs. I have used several other Microsoft products including SQL Server, Analysis Services, Integration Services, SharePoint, Access, Excel, and Power BI, but Reporting Services is the tool I keep coming back to because it does so much.

My peers and I have been tracking this product through every version since it was released in 2003; since that time, we have produced six Wrox Press books on Reporting Services. I have worked closely with the Microsoft product team leadership, and the product developers who continue to innovate and move it forward. I have learned to use SSRS correctly, and, on occasion, incorrectly; benefiting from some tough lessons about what it can and can't do along the way. My goal is to share this experience with you, in addition to the best practices we have developed over the years.


This book is written to meet the needs of a broad audience, and includes specific solutions for report designers, developers, administrators, and business professionals. My goal for this book is to be a comprehensive guide and valuable reference. It is written for the novice report designer ...

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