Chapter 1

Preliminary Considerations


  • Reasons to Build a Mobile App
  • Costs of Developing a Mobile App
  • Importance of Developing a Mobile Strategy
  • Difficulties in Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Application Development Today
  • Myths of Mobile Application Design
  • Explanation of Third-Party Mobile Frameworks

This book is for any developer or team that needs to create, refine, or strengthen their mobile development strategy.

From a development team of one to two people to an enterprise-level team with multiple divisions, the topic of mobile development will eventually come up.

The problem is that mobile development is an animal all its own. There is a wide array of platforms, languages, features, and dimensions, and each has its own idiosyncrasies. This book will highlight those issues, and give examples for approaching and working with them. Specifically this book shows you how to develop an application that connects to a remote service and implements device-specific functionality. The book also explains the how and the whys and wherefores of mobile application development.

But first, this book assumes you’re here for one of several reasons.


As a developer in a competitive market, the following thoughts have almost surely crossed your mind, or they may have been brought to your attention by your managers:

  • Your competitors have mobile apps, but you don’t.
  • Mobile apps make good business sense.
  • Your services would add value to a user’s mobile ...

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