Chapter 9

Getting Started with BlackBerry


  • History of BlackBerry
  • Getting a BlackBerry development setup
  • Creating mobile apps with BlackBerry for Java
  • Creating mobile apps with Web Works
  • Implementing the Derby App

As with the other chapters in the this book, we do not intend to make you an expert BlackBerry developer after reading this one chapter; we simply want to give you the knowledge of the tools you need to develop a BlackBerry application. Of the other platforms discussed in this book, BlackBerry is the oldest but not necessarily the most mature. Over the past few years BlackBerry has been struggling to keep its dominance in the mobile device world, and in doing so has changed the hardware and development platforms in which applications can be created. This has created fragmentation of the BlackBerry platform, and has caused new mobile developers a great deal of grief when researching what languages and tools to use when creating a native BlackBerry application.

Because of this fragmentation of the platform (along with a few other issues you will discover as you read through this chapter), we find BlackBerry to be the most difficult platform for which to develop mobile apps. The goal of this chapter, then, is to help you understand what exactly you are getting yourself into if you have to create a BlackBerry app. This chapter explores the two recommended development paths from Research In Motion (Java and WebWorks) used to create BlackBerry applications. ...

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