Appendix A. .NET 4 Parallelism Class Diagrams

This appendix includes diagrams for the classes, interfaces, structures, delegates, enumerations, and exceptions that support parallelism with the new lightweight concurrency model and the underlying threading model. There are also references to the chapters that explain the contents of these diagrams in more detail.


Figure A-1 shows a diagram of the relationship between PLINQ, the Task Parallel Library (TPL), data structures for coordination in parallel programming, threads that support the lightweight concurrency model, and layers of the underlying hardware.

This section includes diagrams for classes, structures, enumerations, and exceptions closely related to the TPL. It is divided into the following topics:

  • System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel classes and structures

  • Task classes, enumerations, and exceptions

System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel Classes and Structures

Figure A-2 shows the diagram for the following classes and structures within the System.Threading.Tasks namespace:

  • Parallel

  • ParallelLoopResult

  • ParallelOptions

  • ParallelLoopState


Figure A-1. FIGURE A-1


Figure A-2. FIGURE A-2

For more information about these classes, read Chapter 2, "Imperative Data Parallelism."

Task Classes, Enumerations, and Exceptions

Figure A-3 shows the diagram ...

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