Appendix C. Parallel Extensions Extras

Parallel Extensions Extras is a complementary project that isn't part of the .NET Framework 4 classes, but it has been developed by Microsoft and is part of the parallel programming samples for .NET Framework 4. These extras aren't production quality because they are neither fully tested nor stable code bases. However, they include the source code, and you can tailor them for your specific needs. This appendix includes diagrams and brief descriptions for the classes and structures that compose the Parallel Extensions Extras.


The Parallel Extensions Extras are a bit hidden because they are included in one of the projects in the Parallel Extensions Samples. The direct link to download the latest Samples version is So, if you download these samples for parallel programming with .NET 4, you can find and inspect the ParallelExtensionsExtras project that contains all the extras organized in many folders. Figure C-1 displays the contents for this project in Visual Studio 2010 Solution Explorer.

The Parallel Extensions Extras project contains seven folders at the time of this writing. These folders and their subfolders contain classes, and these classes belong to diverse namespaces. Table C.1 provides a brief summary of each class and its related namespace and folder.

Figure C-1. FIGURE C-1

Table C.1. Parallel Extensions Extras Project Folders, ...

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