Cascading Style Sheets
in SharePoint
A CSS primer
How CSS is used in SharePoint 2010
Using third-party tools to maintain CSS code in SharePoint 2010
Cascading Style Sheets, known simply as CSS, is considered a fundamental part of any web
development. Depending on the web page creator’s preferences, CSS may be used heavily or
sparingly, but most web pages use it in some capacity. Historically, SharePoint has used it
fairly heavily; and in SharePoint 2010, it has become more prevalent. Fortunately, some cool
new tools have been added to make it even easier to manage.
This chapter provides an overview of what exactly CSS is, how it is used in SharePoint, and
how you can manipulate its rules to brand your own SharePoint 2010 projects.
CSS is probably at least somewhat familiar to you if you have ever created a web page. If
you are a designer, you are likely intimately familiar with CSS. However, if you are among
the developers trying to do SharePoint design, which is typically the group assigned to brand
a SharePoint site, a deep understanding of CSS may not be in your toolbox. This section
explains the general basics of CSS — that is, not necessarily SharePoint-speci c. When you
have nished reading this section, you will be better equipped to understand how SharePoint
uses CSS, as well as how you can use CSS to brand your own sites.
If you are already comfortable with CSS, you can skip this section and move directly to
the section “CSS in SharePoint” later in this chapter. Conversely, if concepts such as child
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