Developer Tools for SharePoint 2010


  • Understanding the different tools available to SharePoint developers
  • Exploring what's new in SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Using the new SharePoint tools in Visual Studio
  • Getting the most from these tools in your SharePoint development projects

Although SharePoint 2007 has a decent set of tools, including out-of-the-box customizations, SharePoint Designer, and Visual Studio Extensions for WSS, the 2010 family enhances these tools and makes it easier for developers to design, develop, test, and deploy their solutions. The main enhancements come in SharePoint Designer (SPD) and Visual Studio (VS), both of which had major overhauls in the 2010 release. SPD now provides much more granular control of editing by end users so that they do not cause issues on your sites, a redesigned user interface to make the creation of SharePoint artifacts easier, and support for the Web Solution Package format so that you can upsize SPD projects to Visual Studio (VS). Visual Studio now has a completely revamped developer experience built into the VS environment.

Unlike Visual Studio Extensions for WSS (VSeWSS), which was a separate download, many of the tools you need to quickly develop SharePoint applications are right in VS. This chapter takes a deeper look at each of these tools so you will understand what they can do for development with SharePoint.


With SharePoint 2010, the out-of-the-box (OOB) experience has ...

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