IT Pro Enhancements for the Developer


  • IT professional features that affect developers
  • Best practices for working with the SharePoint 2010 infrastructure enhancements

When it comes to developing with SharePoint, it's very helpful if developers are able to be good friends with the IT pro who set up the SharePoint infrastructure, because often developers do not control the final server configuration that the code they write runs on. For example, unless an administrator allows a full-trusted solution to run in his or her environment, a developer will have a smaller set of SharePoint platform technologies to choose from when writing code. With SharePoint 2010, the choices for both IT and developers have grown, and developers need to understand what IT improvements have been made in SharePoint that could affect their applications. These improvements fall into the categories of performance, high availability, security, and management. Each of these areas is covered in this chapter.


The performance improvements in SharePoint 2010 are important for developers. These improvements make your code run faster, but there are also some performance lockdowns that may affect your code, as SharePoint protects the system from being overrun with bad queries or large amounts of data entering the system. In your code, you must be aware that you may run into certain limits and make sure that you have good error checking to fail gracefully if the error ...

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