Business Intelligence


  • Business intelligence concepts
  • Implementing business intelligence with Excel 2010 and Excel Services
  • Building dashboards, KPIs, and scorecards using PerformancePoint
  • Integrating SQL Server Reporting Services R2 with SharePoint 2010
  • Reporting on SharePoint data using Access 2010 and Access Service

Business intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term that refers to technologies, applications, and a number of exercises an organization may use to deploy shared business processes across multiple business units. Business intelligence empowers users with the right insights and enables them to make better, faster, and more relevant decisions when they collaborate.

The focus of this chapter is on bringing SharePoint developers up to speed with the BI features of SharePoint Server 2010 through a series of step-by-step examples. This chapter also includes demonstrations of some of the new features shipped in the current wave of products with SharePoint Server 2010, Office Product 2010, and SQL Server 2008 R2.


Statistics in the BI industry state that the majority of people in organizations do not have proper access to data or to the tools that they require to make effective business decisions. Think about that for a moment. With all the advancements happening so fast in the business intelligence sector, isn't this horrible?

When you look at the problem from different angles, it's obvious that part ...

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