SharePoint Online


  • An overview of SharePoint online
  • Programming differences in the cloud

If you have not heard about public or private clouds, you must not be reading the news or blogs, or looking at what the different vendors are doing. Software as a service (SAAS) is all the rage in the computing world. Although it has many merits, including ease of deployment, anywhere access, and quick upgrades, at the same time it has a number of obstacles, such as limited offline support, less mature development tools, and less control of customization. Regardless of these limitations, many people are looking to the cloud as the next major shift in the computing world. If you have not tried to build applications against a cloud service such as Microsoft Azure or SharePoint Online, get started today.


Business Productivity Online Services is the Microsoft cloud hosted productivity suite that includes SharePoint 2007. BPOS is being deprecated as Office 365 comes to market so this section of text is left in the book for reference only. All future development should be done on Office 365, which includes SharePoint 2010. There are two versions of SharePoint Online: Standard and Dedicated. Table 15-1 provides an easy way to compare the different ways you can deploy SharePoint. This table compares SharePoint On-Premises, SharePoint Online Standard, and SharePoint Online Dedicated.

TABLE 15-1: Different Deployment Options for SharePoint ...

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