Chapter 11

Managing and Configuring Apps


  • Understanding the SharePoint 2013 App Model
  • Setting up a SharePoint environment for working with apps
  • Managing and Monitoring SharePoint 2013 apps


The code downloads for this chapter are found at on the Download Code tab. The code for this chapter is divided into the following major examples:


SharePoint 2013 introduces the Cloud App Model, a new development model for adding and extending SharePoint capability. This chapter refers to this new model as the App Model or just apps.

NOTE Previous versions of SharePoint introduced the Full Trust Solution and sandbox solution models, which were covered in Chapter 10, “Managing SharePoint Developer Solutions and Features.”

Developers are encouraged to build their solutions using this new model for a few key reasons. First, more companies are utilizing cloud functionality, creating the need for a robust model designed to handle the challenges of both on-premises SharePoint deployments and those in SharePoint Online. Sandbox solutions were an attempt to provide this capability but they are not robust enough, as discussed in Chapter 10. Second, we need a model that does not require installing and running code from the SharePoint server, which can negatively affect performance and upgradability. Finally, we need a model that is flexible enough to ...

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