Chapter 1

Introducing the Sitecore ASP.NET CMS

What's in This Chapter?

Reviewing web content management systems

Separating content management environments

Sitecore product and company history

Identifying Sitecore solution components

This chapter explains the purpose of a web content management system (CMS), describes the separation of CMS environments, such as test and production, and provides an overview of Sitecore — both the company and its namesake ASP.NET (Application Server Pages with the .NET Framework) CMS, as well as the history of that product. Finally, this chapter describes the components that comprise a Sitecore instance, which is an installation of the Sitecore ASP.NET CMS product.

Web content management software enables nontechnical CMS users to maintain the content driving a web solution without the need to understand its technical implementation. Sitecore uses the ASP.NET platform provided by the Internet Information Server (IIS) web server on the Microsoft Windows operating system to provide one of the most advanced and comprehensive web content management solutions and development frameworks available today.

No web content management system delivers the solution you need without some level of input, whether in the form of entering content and choosing predefined presentation components or building an entire solution. While predefined presentation components are available for the platform, Sitecore is on the latter end of this continuum, focusing on CMS developers ...

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