16.2. Creating Integration Services Packages for Analysis Services Operations

Integration Services is great for creating packages to accomplish administrative tasks on Analysis Services. Even more convenient is how these automated tasks can be performed on a periodic basis. Integration Services provides several tasks and transforms that help you in building packages in the uniform Business Intelligence IDE you have been working with in Analysis Services 2005. Tasks and transforms have been specifically designed for integration with Analysis Services.

16.2.1. Execute DDL Task

The Execute DDL task is used for sending a DDL script to Analysis Services. This task is typically used to accomplish administrative tasks like backup, restore, or sync operations that need to be performed on a periodic basis. You can also use this task to send process statements to Analysis Services for processing Analysis Services objects or include this task along with other Integration Services tasks to create a more generalized package; for example, dynamically creating a new partition in a cube by analyzing the fact data — and then processing that partition. To create a package that will backup your Analysis Services database on a periodic basis, do the following:

  1. Open BIDS and load the AnalysisServices2005Tutorial project found under folder Chapter16Samples of the book's sample that can be downloaded from the Wrox Web site. Once you have loaded it, go ahead and deploy the project. This specific project ...

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