17.5. Managing Your Analysis Services Reports

Most likely you are the administrator on your machine and you are able to design, deploy, and view reports on your machines. However you do not want to provide administrative privileges to all your users. If you are a Report Server administrator then you would need to provide the appropriate access to your report designers who build and deploy reports as compared to the end users who consume the reports. You can also provide certain administrative privileges to certain users on your Report Server machine. Managing your Report Server by itself can be a separate chapter since it is so vast and is not covered completely in this section. However in this section you will learn a few basic operations of management including defining security permissions on how the reports have to be rendered, as well as creating permissions to end users to view reports which are specifically targeted towards reports built on top of Analysis Services databases. Finally, you will learn to automate reports so that they can be delivered to end users on a periodic basis.

17.5.1. Security and Report Execution

First and foremost you need to define the right permissions under which Reporting Services should retrieve the data from Analysis Services. In order to define the permissions click on the Properties tab of a report as shown in Figure 17-39. You will see the options General, Data Sources, Execution, History, and Security. The General tab provides information ...

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