8.5. Server Time Dimension

In certain data warehouses you might not have a special table for Time. However the fact table might contain date as a column. Analysis Services 2005 provides you the functionality of creating a Time dimension based on time range with appropriate hierarchies. You can configure the range based on the beginning and end dates found in your fact tables. This range-based Time dimension is created on Analysis Services and is called Server Time dimension. Once a Server Time dimension is created you can add this to the cube and specify appropriate granularity. Follow the steps below to create a Server Time dimension.

  1. Right click on the Dimensions folder in Solution Explorer and select New Dimension to launch the Dimension Wizard.

  2. Select the default value in the Select Build Method as shown in Figure 8-40 and click Next.

    Figure 8.40. Figure 8-40
  3. In the Select Data Source View page select the default as shown in Figure 8-41 and press Next.

    Figure 8.41. Figure 8-41
  4. In the Select the Dimension Type page select the option Server time dimension as shown in Figure 8-42 and click Next.

    Figure 8.42. Figure 8-42
  5. In the Define Time Periods page select the date ranges as shown ...

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