1.6. Software Requirements

To successfully deploy Team Foundation Server, you must take into account the software requirements of each of the components. Here is a drill down of all the required software and additional practical considerations.

1.6.1. Required Service Packs and Software Components

At the time of writing, Team Foundation Server itself does not require any service packs. However, we have outlined the service packs for the components that Team Foundation Server depends on (for example, the operating system).

1.6.2. Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server requires Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). It will not correctly function on any other current operating systems. To function correctly, the following software components must be installed: Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack 2 (SP2), Internet Information Server 6.0 (IIS, which is packaged with Windows Server 2003), and SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition and above. The key for a successful deployment is installing the components in the right order and correctly configured. The most accurate and complete source of information is the Visual Studio Team Foundation Installation Guide (TFSInstall.chm). The guide can be found on the CD or DVD installation media for Team Foundation Server.

1.6.3. SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 has more flexibility than Team Foundation Server with regards to the operating system (again, assuming that you install the data tier [DT] on a separate machine ...

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