Chapter 24

Testing and Lab Management

What's in this chapter:

Learning about the testing capabilities of Visual Studio 2012

Understanding the architecture of the software testing components of Visual Studio 2012

Planning for and administering your Team Foundation Server deployment when used for software testing


Across the Visual Studio 2012 family of products, Microsoft has made significant investments to better support software testing activities. This is arguably the single biggest investment Microsoft made for application lifecycle management in the Visual Studio 2010 release, and many software development and testing organizations have already shown great results by embracing these capabilities.

While many of these enhancements include tooling features outside the scope of a book about Team Foundation Server, there are several testing technologies and workflows that, in one way or another, involve Team Foundation Server. In this chapter, you will become more familiar with the testing capabilities of the Visual Studio product line and the impact that adopting these technologies will have as you plan, implement, and manage your Team Foundation Server deployment.

As you will see in this chapter, there is a high potential for complexity as you begin embracing Visual Studio as your software testing solution. Many factors will influence the complexity of your specific environment, such as which capabilities you want to use, how much you wish to automate, and your organization's ...

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