Chapter 2Tizen Application Packages

  • Web and native application packages
  • Inside a hybrid application
  • Features and privileges
  • Signing your application

This chapter explains how an application is packaged and installed on a Tizen device. The application package is what you’ll upload to the Tizen store or make available from your own web page, application aggregator, or telecom operator’s store. Therefore, it’s essential to know how Tizen application packaging and installation works before diving into application development. Tizen supports web apps, native apps, and hybrid apps, which combine web and native apps into one application package. You’ll learn how each type of application is packaged and discover the contents of an application’s configuration and manifest files.

Two fundamental concepts of the Tizen platform, features and privileges, are covered in detail. Features are optional capabilities, such as camera flash or GPS, which may or may not be provided on a particular Tizen device and which an application may require to operate properly. Privileges restrict access to certain APIs to protect the integrity of the device and safeguard the user’s data. This chapter explains the different levels of privileges and how you can specify features and privileges in your application.

Finally, application signing is introduced, showing you how to sign your application with author and distributor signatures and how to prepare your application for app store ...

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