Chapter 4Web Application Fundamentals

  • The Web Runtime
  • The Tizen Device APIs
  • The Web UI framework
  • Creating your UI with the UI Builder

The code downloads for this chapter are found at on the Download Code tab. The code is in the Chapter 4 download. After decompressing the downloaded Zip file you will have a TizenWebUIBuilder directory with the finished application.

In this chapter we start by going behind the scenes and looking at the roles of the various components which make up the Tizen Web Runtime, implementing tasks such as application installation and launching and enforcing security. While you don’t have to know these details in order to write Tizen applications, the material covered here builds on some of the concepts introduced in Chapter 2, “Tizen Application Packages,” such as privileges, the configuration file, and application signing.

The Tizen Device APIs enable web developers to access features in their applications not supported by W3C APIs, such as NFC, messaging, and calendars. This chapter includes a brief summary of each of the APIs, some of which are covered in code-level detail in the following chapters.

The last part of the chapter shows you how to create a UI for your web application, making use of the features of the Tizen Web UI framework and the UI Builder.


The Web Runtime is the environment within which all web applications ...

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