Chapter 13Multimedia and Content

  • Managing content
  • Playing audio and video
  • Recording audio and video
  • Capturing an image from the camera
  • Encoding and decoding media content
  • Using the media application controls

In this chapter you’ll get an in-depth and practical introduction to the multimedia features of the Tizen native framework. Working through code snippets, you’ll learn about managing content and implementing functionality such as playlists. Then the focus moves to the features of the Media namespace and you’ll walk through code which makes use of the Media::Player class to play audio and video, and discover the more advanced audio features offered by the AudioOut class, which can play uncompressed audio from multiple channels simultaneously. Capturing audio, video, and images from the camera is covered in detailed code snippets that are ready for use in your own code.

Tizen provides features that allow you to encode and decode images, audio, and video in different formats, as you’ll discover in this chapter. If you want to make use of multimedia content and don’t want to write a lot of code yourself, then you can always use the media application controls to access the device’s built-in media players and camera. You’ll find code at the end of the chapter to show you how.


Content is the logical representation of various types of physical files, such as images, audio, and video. Content information includes file attributes ...

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