Chapter 35Client Application Services Code Downloads for this Chapter

The code downloads for this chapter are found at on the Download Code tab. The code and any related support files are located in their own folder for this chapter.

A generation of applications built around services and the separation of user experience from back-end data stores has seen the requirements for occasionally connected applications emerge. Occasionally connected applications are those that continue to operate regardless of network availability. In Chapter 36, “Synchronization Services,” you'll learn how data can be synchronized to a local store to allow the user to continue to work when the application is offline. However, this scenario leads to discussions (often heated) about security. Because security (that is, user authentication and role authorization) is often managed centrally, it is difficult to extend so that it incorporates occasionally connected applications.

In this chapter you'll become familiar with the client application services that extend ASP.NET Application Services for use in client applications. ASP.NET Application Services is a provider-based model for performing user authentication, role authorization, and profile management. In Visual Studio 2015, you can configure ...

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