Chapter 50Web Application Deployment Code Downloads for this Chapter

The code downloads for this chapter are found at on the Download Code tab. The code and any related support files are located in their own folder for this chapter.

In Chapter 49 you saw how to deploy your Windows application using either an installer or ClickOnce. But how do you deploy web applications? This chapter walks you through deploying website and web application projects. It also covers packaging web applications for remote deployment with the Web Deployment tool and integrating with the Web Platform Installer.

One of the most important aspects of building your application is to think about how you will package it so that it can be deployed. Though a large proportion of web applications are only for internal release, where a simple copy script might be sufficient, if you do want to make your web application available for others to purchase and use, you need to focus on making the deployment process as simple as possible.

Web Deployment

Web application projects are quite different from Web Site projects, yet the tool ...

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