This section covers a string buffer stream driver in detail as an example of a simple stream driver. This driver project is in the zip file for this chapter as MyDriver.

The primary outcome of a Stream Driver project is the driver DLL with its operating system configuration and registry settings. You can develop a Compact 7 Stream Driver project as a typical Platform Builder subproject in Visual Studio 2008 with the following files:

  • Project files
    • Project (.pbpxml)
    • sources (just called sources without an extension)
  • Code files
    • Stream interface header file (.h)
    • Stream interface source file (.cpp)
    • Stream interface module definition file (.def)
  • Parameter files
    • Binary Image Builder (BIB) file (.bib)
    • Shortcuts file (.dat)
    • Database file (.db)
    • Registry file (.reg)
  • Batch files
    • ProSysgen.bat
    • Prelink.bat
    • Postlink.bat

ProjSysgen typically has the same unchanged content for all projects.

The Platform Builder Project (XML) file (.pbxml) lists the operating system configuration files in the project and the project title. The sources file lists all the meta-information that Platform Builder needs to know to load and build the project. There may also be a DIRS file that points to project dependencies, as with a layered driver.

A typical driver project as displayed in Solution Explorer is shown in Figure 33-1. The Module Definition file is not typically shown, although it needs editing.

The stream driver functionality and configuration ...

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