These two activities demonstrate using an existing driver binary DLL file with its registry settings. A VCP driver project and a D2XX driver project will be created. A Catalog file that can be included in the Catalog generates for both drivers. This will be accomplished using the CEContentWiz tool.

The drivers as downloaded are not installation packages and need to be added to a Compact 7 image as content. The required content is the driver DLL file and the associated registry settings. In the download package there are also some INF files that can be ignored.


  • A Compact 7 development system
  • CEContentWiz installed
  • Compact 7 System that has a USB host port
  • Existing Compact 7 Retail image for that system with that USB host port driver enabled that has been built and tested
  • FTDI Module and a USB cable

VCP Driver

In this activity you create a VCP driver project that can be added to an existing Compact 7 project. You test only that the driver loads at this stage.

1. Download the VCP zip folder for Windows CE for the system CPU from


Get the Windows CE 6.0 driver for the same CPU in the target device.

2. Unzip the file into a temporary directory.

3. Copy ftdi_ser.dll to a working directory.

4. Open INF/registry_settings.txt in notepad.

5. Save it in the working directory as ftdi.reg.

6. Modify the file by removing the top five lines. The remaining top line should be blank.

It should have the same content as ...

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