From Jesse Liberty

This book is the result of the extraordinary work of three teams: the ASP.NET developers at Microsoft, my coauthors who shouldered the responsibility to turn a good book on ASP.NET into a world-class tutorial on a tremendously expanded framework, and the editorial and production team at O’Reilly who contribute more than can ever be expressed. I am deeply grateful to you all.

From Dan Hurwitz

I would like to once again thank Jesse for being an excellent colleague and good friend, and the fine folks at O’Reilly who made this book possible, especially John Osborn and Brian MacDonald. I also wish to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of our new coauthor, the other Dan. And as always, I especially want to thank my wife and family for being so supportive.

From Dan Maharry

There are a number of people connected to this project that I need to thank. Jesse and Dan H. were brave enough to let me work with them, and John Osborn was kind enough to suggest me in the first place. Lou Franco and Mike Pope also provided some additional text. Thanks to them. Having worked in publishing in a former life, I know how many others will also have touched this book before reaching you, the reader, so I thank them, too.

Thirteen months is a long time to dedicate weekends and nights to a single project, so thanks to my family and friends for necessarily distracting me every so often.

Last but not least (first and foremost even), thanks to my wife Janey, who endured my absence during the writing process with the patience of a saint. I love her lots and am amazed daily at how lucky I am to be married to her.

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