FuzzyVariable& Desirability = fm.CreateFLV("Desirability");
FuzzyVariable& AmmoStatus = fm.CreateFLV("AmmoStatus");
At this point in time though, each of these FLVs is “empty.” To be useful,
an FLV must be initialized with some member sets. Let’s take a look at
how the different types of fuzzy sets are encapsulated.
The FuzzySet Base Class
Since it’s necessary to manipulate fuzzy sets using a common interface, all
fuzzy set types are derived from the abstract class
FuzzySet. Each class
contains a data member to store the degree of membership of the value to
be fuzzified. Concrete
FuzzySets own additional data for describing the
shape of their membership function.
class FuzzySet
//this will hold the degree of membership in this set of a given value
double m_dDOM;
//this is the maximum of the set's membership function. For instance, if
//the set is triangular then this will be the peak point of the triangle.
//If the set has a plateau then this value will be the midpoint of the
//plateau. This value is set in the constructor to avoid run-time
//calculation of midpoint values.
double m_dRepresentativeValue;
FuzzySet(double RepVal):m_dDOM(0.0), m_dRepresentativeValue(RepVal){}
//return the degree of membership in this set of the given value. NOTE:
//this does not set m_dDOM to the DOM of the value passed as the parameter.
//This is because the centroid defuzzification method also uses this method
//to determine the DOMs of the values it uses as its sample points.
virtual double CalculateDOM(double val)const = 0;
//if this fuzzy set is part of a consequent FLV and it is fired by a rule,
//then this method sets the DOM (in this context, the DOM represents a
//confidence level) to the maximum of the parameter value or the set's
//existing m_dDOM value
void ORwithDOM(double val);
//accessor methods
double GetRepresentativeVal()const;
void ClearDOM(){m_dDOM = 0.0;}
double GetDOM()const{return m_dDOM;}
void SetDOM(double val);
Let’s now take a close look at a couple of concrete fuzzy set classes.
Fuzzy Logic | 439
From Theory to Application: Coding a Fuzzy Logic Module

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