The MIME-tools package includes a number of Perl modules for both parsing and creating MIME entities. It should be considered a superset of the functionality provided in MIME-Lite. MIME-tools was written by Eryq ().

MIME-tools contains all of the methods that you should ever need to either create MIME messages or to parse them. It includes an interface for decoding MIME messages (Decoder) and an object to create new ones (Parser). It also allows you to decode MIME-encoded words in headers (Words) and includes tools for building your own parsers. This package also contains some deprecated modules and standalone programs, which are not described here.

The POD for Tools.pm contains a hierarchy of all MIME-tools modules and good examples of their use. Tools and ToolUtils are used for configuration and private utility methods for the package.

The complete list of files in Mime-tools is:

  • Body.pm

  • Decoder.pm

  • Entity.pm

  • Head.pm

  • Parser.pm

  • ParserBase.pm

  • ToolUtils.pm

  • Tools.pm

  • Words.pm

Version Documented: 4.119 dated 02 May 1998

In order to use MIME-tools, you need to make sure some other packages are installed on your system. The dependencies for MIME-tools are as follows:

  • Perl 5.002 or higher, 5.004 is recommended

  • IO-stringy

  • MIME-Base64 (2.04 or higher)

  • MailTools (1.11 or higher)

MIME-tools provides the following modules, which are listed with a synopsis of each:

MIME::Body Synopsis:

Constructors: Body new () Body new (String[] args) Public instance methods: abstract int init (String[] ...

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