Chapter 8

Testing Strategies for the Interviewee


Bullet Finding out questions the company might ask

Bullet Leveling up your coding skills prior to your interview

Bullet Canvassing your network to learn the company’s interview process

The moment after you’ve finished your phone screen, or after you were asked to come in for an interview instead, you need to start preparing for said interview. Even if you don’t get an interview after your phone screen, you need to start preparing as if you’ll get that call for an interview any second.

In this chapter, we start by having you think like your interviewers to determine what questions you would ask a prospective employee — both technical questions and the infamous (if not dreaded) people or “soft skills” questions. This exercise will help you prepare for the questions the company may ask you.

If you feel you’re weaker in one or more areas of the programming language(s) the company needs its new hire to know, then we tell you how you can level up your skills so that you can show them off when the interviewers ask you to write some code for them.

Finally, you learn how to canvass your network so that you can put together a proper mock interview, ...

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