Chapter 20. Mail and Messages

Your app can present an interface allowing the user to edit and send a mail message or an SMS message. Two view controller classes are provided by the Message UI framework; you’ll need to @import MessageUI. In addition, the Social framework lets you post to Twitter or Facebook on the user’s behalf. You’ll need to @import Social. The classes are:

Allows composition and sending of a mail message.
Allows composition and sending of an SMS message.
Allows composition and sending of a Twitter or Facebook post. Alternatively, you can prepare and post a message directly using SLRequest.

UIActivityViewController (Chapter 13) also provides a unified interface for permitting the user to choose any of the built-in messaging milieus and to send a message through it. However, the Message UI framework and the Social framework remain important, because the user can be presented with a message form without having to pass through an activity view, and because you can fill in fields, such as the To field in a mail composition form, that UIActivityViewController doesn’t let you fill in.

Mail Message

The MFMailComposeViewController class, a UINavigationController, allows the user to edit a mail message. The user can attempt to send the message there and then, or can cancel but save a draft, or can cancel completely. Before using this class to present a view, call canSendMail; if the result ...

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