Appendix A. Managing Your Data on MapPoint’s Customer Services Site

Enabling MapPoint Web Service to use your custom data with find service methods such as FindNearby and FindById is possible by uploading your data to MapPoint servers. There are two ways to upload/download your data to/from the MapPoint Customer Services site: you can use either the MapPoint Customer Services site itself or the Customer Data Web Service.

In both cases, you can upload new data or update existing data. However, to delete uploaded data, you have to use the MapPoint Customer Services Site Web UI. It is also important to note that neither one of these two options support incremental updates. If you upload a data source, modify it using the CSS, and then re-upload the same data source, your changes will be lost, so it is essential to back up your data before uploading each time to the MapPoint Servers.

Now, let’s take a look at these two options in detail.

Using the MapPoint Customer Services Site

You can upload custom points of interest data using the MapPoint Web Service Customer Services site ( web interface. The user interface for this functionality is available on the home page of the site under the data sources section shown in Figure A-1.

Data management UI from the customer services site
Figure A-1. Data management UI from the customer services site


Location data files that you upload to ...

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