Hints for Selected Problems

Column 1

4. Read Column 12.

5. Consider a two-pass algorithm.

6, 8, 9. Try key indexing.

10. Consider hashing, and don’t limit yourself to a computerized system.

11. This problem is for the birds.

12. How do you write without using a pen?

Column 2

1. Think about sorting, binary search and signatures.

2. Strive for an algorithm that runs in linear time.

5. Exploit the identity cba = (arbrcr)r.

7. Vyssotsky used a system utility and two one-shot programs that he wrote just for this job to rearrange data on tapes.

8. Consider the k smallest elements in the set.

9. The cost of s sequential searches is proportional to sn; the total cost of s binary searches is the cost of the searches plus the time required to sort ...

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