Defining the User Schema and Migration

Ecto has a DSL that specifies the fields in a struct and the mapping between those fields and the database tables. Let’s use that now. To define our schema, replace the contents in web/models/user.ex with the following:

​ ​defmodule​ Rumbl.User ​do​
​  ​use​ Rumbl.Web, ​:model​
​  schema ​"​​users"​ ​do​
​  field ​:name​, ​:string​
​  field ​:username​, ​:string​
​  field ​:password​, ​:string​, ​virtual:​ true
​  field ​:password_hash​, ​:string​
​  timestamps
​  ​end​
​ ​end​

This DSL is built with Elixir macros. The schema and field macros let us specify both the ...

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