Creating Resources

Recall our changes to the router.ex file, when we added the resources "/users" macro to router.ex to build a set of conventional routes. One new route maps posts to "/users" to the UserController.create action. Add a create function to UserController:

 def​ create(conn, %{​"​​user"​ => user_params}) ​do
  changeset = User.changeset(%User{}, user_params)
  {​:ok​, user} = Repo.insert(changeset)
  |> put_flash(​:info​, ​"​​#{​​}​​ created!"​)
  |> redirect(​to:​ user_path(conn, ​:index​))

This pattern of code should be getting familiar to you by now. We keep piping functions together until the conn has the final result that we want. Each ...

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