pack geometry manager, Grids, Resizing in grids, Resizing in grids
alternatives to, Grids
columns, spanning, Resizing in grids
rows, spanning, Resizing in grids
pack widget method, Making Widgets
PackDialog class, Adding GUI Frontends to Command Lines
packer, FTP client frontend and, Using grids and function calls
packing, Packing and Unpacking Files, Packing Scroll Bars
files, Packing and Unpacking Files
scrollbars, Packing Scroll Bars
padding, labels, Configuring Widget Appearance
painting, PyDraw, PyDraw: Painting and Moving Graphics
parallel processing, “Telling the Monkeys What to Do”
parent processes, forking servers and, Running the forking server
parse tree interpreter, Adding a Parse Tree Interpreter, Parse Tree Structure, Exploring Parse Trees with PyTree
adding to parsers, Adding a Parse Tree Interpreter
exploring, Exploring Parse Trees with PyTree
structure, Parse Tree Structure
parsing binary data, struct module, Parsing packed binary data with the struct module
PATH, CGI scripts and, Installing CGI scripts
paths, Unix executable, changing, Changing Unix Executable Path Lines
PBF (Python Business Forum), Signs of the Python Times
PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal), Signs of the Python Times
performance, What’s Python Not Good For?, Spawned child program, CGI Script Trade-Offs, HTMLgen: Web Pages from Objects, Jython Trade-Offs, Customization: Performance Monitors, Optimization: Moving Sets to Dictionaries, Using the Python profiler, “I Am Lost at C”
email browser, CGI Script Trade-Offs ...

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