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SOAP Transport Classes
handler(Apache request) $server->handler($r)
Defines the basis for a location handler in the mod_perl fashion. The method
expects an Apache request object as the parameter, from which it pulls the body
of the request and calls the superclass
handle method. Note that in this class, the
local method named
handle is aliased to this method.
configure(Apache request) $server->configure(Apache->request);
Per-location configuration information can be provided to the server object using
the Apache
DirConfig directive and calling this method on the object itself.
When invoked, the method reads the directory configuration information from
Apache and looks for lines of the form:
method => param
Each line that matches the pattern is regarded as a potential method to call on
the server object, with the remaining token taken as the parameter to the
method. Methods that take hash references as arguments may be specified as:
method => key => param, key => param
The key/value pairs will be made into a hash reference on demand. If the server
object doesn’t recognize the named method as valid, it ignores the line.
Inherits from: SOAP::Transport::HTTP::CGI.
This is an extension of the
SOAP::Transport::HTTP::CGI that implements the differ-
ences needed for the FastCGI protocol. None of the methods are functionally dif-
The SOAP::Transport::IO-based class allows for a sort of I/O proxying by allowing
the application to configure what files or filehandles are used. This module supplies
only a server class.
Inherits from: SOAP::Server.
The server class defined here inherits all methods from
SOAP::Server, and adds two
additional methods specific to the nature of the class:
in $server->in(IO::File->new($file));
Gets or sets the current filehandle being used as the input source.
out $server->out(\*STDERR);
Gets or sets the filehandle being used as the output destination.

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