The Button Class

We’ll begin our exploration of the button window class with a program named BTNLOOK (“button look”), which is shown in Example 9-1. BTNLOOK creates 10 child window button controls, one for each of the 10 standard styles of buttons.

Example 9-1. The BTNLOOK program.

BTNLOOK.C /*---------------------------------------- BTNLOOK.C -- Button Look Program (c) Charles Petzold, 1998 ----------------------------------------*/ #include <windows.h> struct { int iStyle ; TCHAR * szText ; } button[] = { BS_PUSHBUTTON, TEXT ("PUSHBUTTON"), BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON, TEXT ("DEFPUSHBUTTON"), BS_CHECKBOX, TEXT ("CHECKBOX"), BS_AUTOCHECKBOX, TEXT ("AUTOCHECKBOX"), BS_RADIOBUTTON, TEXT ("RADIOBUTTON"), BS_3STATE, TEXT ("3STATE"), BS_AUTO3STATE, TEXT ("AUTO3STATE"), ...

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