What You Need

The parts required for this project are fairly straightforward. Sensors for light and temperature, a stepper motor, and an Arduino board are the primary components. Then it’s just a matter of mounting and powering the assembly. Refer to the photo in Figure 30, Curtain Automation parts. Specifically, we will need the following:

  1. Four 2-inch angle brackets to mount the stepper motor in place

  2. A 12V bipolar stepper motor[78]

  3. Arduino motor shield[79]

  4. A 12V power supply[80]

  5. Double-sided foam tape to dampen the vibration of the mounted stepper motor

  6. A grooved rubber pulley wheel to grip and move the curtain drawstring

  7. Wire to connect the sensors and stepper motor to the motor shield

  8. A TMP36 analog temperature sensor (for ...

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