5. Feed-and-Bleed Electrodialysis Program

5.1. Overview

The feed-and-bleed operation is widely performed so far. It is applicable to middle-scale electrodialysis. For instance, Asahi Chemical Co. developed a feed-and-bleed electrodialysis plant (2500 m3/day) for producing potable water in Ohoshima island, Tokyo (Koga and Mitsugami, 1978). Tokuyama Inc. developed the technology to establish a closed system by means of electrodialytic reuse of waste water in a plating process (Matsunaga, 1986). Asahi Glass Co. constructed large-scale blackish water desalination plants in Kashima Power Station (2000 m3/day) and Kashima South Joint Power Station (12,000 m3/day), Ibaraki Pref. Japan (Kawahara, 1994). Thompson et al. (1997) separated sulfide from hydroxide ...

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