Project 2013 LiveLessons (Video Training)

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Learn everything you need to know in order to plan projects and collaborate with others from virtually anywhere! 

• Start-to-finish personal training on Project 2013: just watch and learn! 
• Simple, quick video walkthroughs of the tasks you perform most often! 
• Great personalized training at a fraction of the cost...for everyone who doesn't have time to read a book! 

These video lessons will ensure that you can harness the power of Project faster and more easily than ever before! In nine thorough parts, Project 2013 LiveLessons shows you how to easily and efficiently create and maintain projects from scratch or with templates. Expert Rick Gardner simplifies powerful features and tools so you can truly harness the power built into Project! Just watch: You’ll master high-powered skills at your own pace–and get specific answers and solutions immediately, whenever you need them! For anyone who wants to master Microsoft Project 2013  fast

Expert project manager and trainer Rick Gardner provides the novice with 6+ hours of hands-on step-by-step video training on the fundamentals of creating and managing projects. Packed with real-world examples on how to put Project to use in everyday work, you'll start with the basics, and learn at your own pace. 

1. Introduction to the Importance of MS Project to support Project, Program and Portfolio Management 
2. Setup of the MS Project for the best and fastest ease of use 
3. Navigation & Best Practices using Projects Ribbon Interface 
4. Overview of new features of Project 2013 and their importance to the PM community of Practice 
5. Creating and Starting Projects from Scratch or with Templates 
6. Best Practices in Building a Dynamic Schedule 
7. Best Practices in Managing & Progressing Schedules 
8. Understanding how to Work with Resources and Resource Assignments and Scheduling 
9. Formatting and Presenting Project Information to Stakeholders with Views and Reporting options 

All of the lessons offer practical examples that will help you to benefit from what you are learning. You can easily take what you learn and implement it immediately in your real-life projects! 

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Cindy Lewis is a project management consultant, trainer, and author with over 20 years’ experience. As a Senior Project Advisor & Director of Knowledge Management at Advisicon, a Gold Partner, she is currently specializing in helping companies improve their PM maturity through application of PM methods and Project/Project Server/Project Online. Her specialty is implementing customer business processes into configured solutions. Cindy has numerous credentials in the field of project management - PMP, PMI-SP, MOS, MS, MCTS, MCT and MVP. She was awarded for her second consecutive year the Most Valuable Professional in Project this fall. Priding herself on her technical ability, she passed both Project 2013 exams within the first two weeks they were released. Cindy has worked with Microsoft as a Subject Matter Expert to assist with Project/Project Server exam development for all versions including 2013. Cindy has extensive customer experience. This experience translates into providing her customers with creative solutions that deliver excellent results. In addition, Cindy serves as the Director of Public Relations for the Western Michigan Chapter of PMI (WMPMI) and has over 10 years of volunteer service to this chapter and has held numerous board positions throughout this time. She is known for starting the first international study group for the PMI-Scheduling Professional (SP) certification in addition to developing and teaching the second world-wide delivery of a prep course for this credential. Cindy is a regular speaker at professional events including the Microsoft Project Conference and PMI chapters around Michigan.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Project 2013 LiveLessons: Introduction 00:04:29
  2. Lesson 1: Introduction to the Importance of Microsoft Project to Support Project Management
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:25
    2. 1.1 Introduction to the Importance of Microsoft Project to Support Project Management 00:07:24
  3. Lesson 2: Setup of MS Project for the best and fastest ease of use
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:38
    2. 2.1 Setup MS Project options and Backstage settings 00:08:35
    3. 2.2 Use the Ribbon & Navigation 00:04:30
    4. 2.3 Using keyboard shortcuts for faster work 00:04:06
    5. 2.4 Using the new interface enhancements 00:05:13
  4. Lesson 3: Navigation and Best Practices Using Project's Ribbon Interface
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:38
    2. 3.1 Leveraging the Ribbon tabs 00:05:34
    3. 3.2 Using context sensitive tabs 00:02:05
    4. 3.3 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon 00:05:09
    5. 3.4 Using the View Panes for better information management 00:04:15
  5. Lesson 4: Overview of Popular Features of Project 2013 and Their Importance to the PM Community of Practice
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:57
    2. 4.1 Leveraging user defined scheduling 00:02:59
    3. 4.2 Displaying the Task Path 00:02:03
    4. 4.3 Using the Task Inspector 00:03:25
    5. 4.4 Using the Timeline View 00:04:22
    6. 4.5 Inactivating/Activating Tasks 00:04:03
    7. 4.6 Using Team Planner View 00:04:56
  6. Lesson 5: Creating and Starting Projects from Scratch or with Templates
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:33
    2. 5.1 Creating, saving & opening projects 00:07:06
    3. 5.2 Calendars within Project 00:05:48
    4. 5.3 Scheduling options 00:04:23
  7. Lesson 6: Best Practices in Building a Dynamic Schedule
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:42
    2. 6.1 Task development approaches and industry best practices 00:10:24
    3. 6.2 Creating task Dependencies and using Lag and Lead time 00:09:48
    4. 6.3 Using Deadlines and avoiding accidental Constraints 00:08:44
    5. 6.4 Moving the project timeline 00:03:12
  8. Lesson 7: How to Work with Resources and Resource Assignments
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:31
    2. 7.1 Creating a resource pool 00:10:18
    3. 7.2 Assigning resources to tasks and work assignments 00:04:56
    4. 7.3 Using Task Types to control project adjustments 00:07:43
    5. 7.4 Resolving resource conflicts 00:07:59
  9. Lesson 8: Best Practices in Managing and Progressing Schedules
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:29
    2. 8.1 Best practices in updating and managing schedules 00:04:50
    3. 8.2 Setting Baselines 00:08:27
    4. 8.3 How to progress schedules 00:11:27
  10. Lesson 9: Formatting and Presenting Project Information to Stakeholders with Views and Reporting Options
    1. Learning Objectives 00:00:42
    2. 9.1 Formatting Project views 00:04:39
    3. 9.2 Applying Groups and Filters 00:06:04
    4. 9.3 Showing the Critical Path 00:02:40
    5. 9.4 Printing and reporting 00:09:08
  11. Summary
    1. Summary of Project 2013 LiveLessons 00:01:56

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  • Release date: January 2014
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